Termite control performance

SOUFA, a boric acid preservative termicide, can kill American termites. SOUFA is a boric acid-based aqueous solution. After research, we succeeded in converting boric acid, which was insoluble in water, into a nanometer. Boric acid-based termiticides are still rarely handled and will be widely used.
We have demonstrated the effectiveness of termite repellent against American termites with the cooperation of Professor Yoshimura, Kyoto University, a technical advisor.
Effective against American termites.

Termite introduction

For termites, our technical advisor, Professor Yoshimura Kyoto University, has passed the required tests and meets the performance standards.

The use of boric acid termites in Hawaii has long been compulsory, and the termite problem has largely been resolved. This is an easy-to-understand example in which the effects of boric acid termites have been proven. It is expected that boric acid termites that have little effect on the human body will spread in the future.
It is easy to impregnate into wood, and it exhibits antiseptic, insect and ant-control effects with soufa16 aqueous solution. The construction method is simple and can be done by brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, etc. In addition, since it is less toxic, it is possible to work with light clothing.

SOUFA meets the performance standards of JIS K 1571 (2010) “Performance standards of wood preservatives and their test methods”.

Boric acid is toxic to insects but safe for humans. It is said that a very small amount of boron itself is necessary for living organisms to maintain the living body. However, when the boric acid concentration in the cell becomes extremely high, the energy metabolism becomes abnormal. In other words, it is not possible to convert what you eat into energy. Termites and other unpleasant pests enter bodily acid, killing commensals living in the intestine first. The termites are unable to decompose the cellulose of the wood themselves, so they can gain energy and eventually die.

In addition, the boric acid concentration of termites themselves is also increased, which is a double effect.

On the other hand, human beings have kidneys, and boric acid is easily excreted by the kidneys. The same goes for pets as well as humans. Boric acid termites can be said to be safe for humans and pets and effective for termites.

It does not volatilize like conventional termites. Since it is an inorganic substance and does not evaporate, it does not cause formaldehyde, etc., and the effect lasts semipermanently.

■ Dissolving up to 5.24mol / kg at 20 ℃ by setting borate to Na / B ratio 0.22.
■ Evaporation to dryness produces an amorphous salt. Amorphous salt foam
■ The amorphous salt is easily redissolved at 20 ° C.
■ Dissolves up to 24.1mol / kg at 80 ℃.

SOUFA has been certified by the Japan Wood Preservation Association as an excellent wood preservative.


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