We have commercialized sodium polyborate as a boric acid flame retardant and a boric acid wood preservative / termitizer.
There are aqueous solution type and powder type handling.

SOUFA (Aqueous solution)

SOUFA (termite preservative / flame retardant)
* In winter when the temperature of the aqueous solution drops, component precipitation (white lumps float in the aqueous solution) occurs. It will be redissolved when heated to 60 ° C or more with a throw heater. Please note.

This product is intended for application to wood. Use this product for termite preservation. When applying to wood, use 150g / ㎡ as a guide.
It is colorless and transparent. Unlike conventional flame retardants, it does not change the texture of the material.

* Since there is almost no toxicity, the method of construction on wood can be applied by both brushing and spraying. Viscosity is the same as water and dries immediately after application. Therefore, it is not necessary to wear protective clothing.
* Ph7.0 neutral
* Boric acid, one of the starting elements of Sofa, has good compatibility with cellulose.
* Applying special technology, contains no organic solvents. This product is water except 16% of active ingredients.
Store at a temperature of at least 5 ° C. Below that, it may precipitate. Please contact us for more information.


As an ant / preservative or flame spray. The contents are SOUFA.

If you are considering handling, please contact us below. This product is intended for distribution to end users.

Bestboron(Powder products)

This product is a powder of non-flammable liquid soap so that it can be easily used for technological development. Water soluble in white powder. It can be dissolved in hot water of 60 ° C or higher.
It becomes transparent when dissolved in water. * Does not contain any organic solvents.
It is a pure boron flame retardant that does not contain additives such as penetrants and concentration maintainers, and is characterized by extremely low toxicity and easy handling. Non-halogen, non-phosphorous, non-heavy metal.


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