SOUFA was born in Japan.

Japanese wooden architecture has received a very high reputation in various fields for its high technology and graceful appearance.

However, old wooden houses in Japan have major drawbacks, such as fires and easy burning. It is a well-known fact that, due to the fact that many precious lives and property are lost every year due to fires, the strictness of the government’s laws on building, etc. has become more stringent year by year, making it difficult to make original wooden buildings in Japan. .

Japan experienced a great earthquake disaster called the Great East Japan Earthquake. In recent years, the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake have left huge scars in people’s memories.

One of the potential possibilities in the future is the earthquake just below the Tokyo metropolitan area. In the case of an earthquake directly beneath the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is expected that fire damage and casualties will be overwhelmingly greater than damage caused by collapse.

The incombustible liquid / flame retardant “SOUFA” that can solve the fire problem was developed from the desire to “save human lives”.

SOUFA offers unparalleled incombustibility and flame retardancy. It is also characterized by its extremely low environmental impact. In terms of price, it can be constructed at a price that is inexpensive compared to other drugs. Furthermore, since it is neutral water-soluble, it can maintain the original texture of our favorite “tree” without impairing the texture of wood, and can also provide functions such as wood preservation and ant protection. Flame retardants are classified as boron-based flame retardants. Boric acid, one of the starting elements of SOUFA, has been used as a flame retardant since ancient times and is known for its extremely high safety.

Through beautiful wooden architecture in Japan, we hope to help you to preserve your irreplaceable life and valuable property. In this way, our hope is to leave children a safe future through SOUFA, which has the potential to make all components non-combustible.

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