Flame resisting-ization, noncombustion, prevention flame and fire prevention of a wood fiber woody fiber

soufa is effective to give incombustibility to a wood fiber and a woody fiber. Grass fa is a high concentration poly boric acid sodium aqueous solution by the flame retarder which made the boric acid a principal raw material.
I succeeded to draw the solubility to the water up by special technology. It’s difficult for a boric acid to melt in water originally, so the density doesn’t rise so much.
It was dissolved in water with high concentration and crowded technology was needed but to make them do impregnation to a wood fiber and a woody fiber. It’s soufa that that was achieved.
Toxicity also is low and is the aqueous solution with the very high flame resisting effect to the cellulose.

It’s non-halogen of course and phosphorus and a heavy metal aren’t also included.

It’s applied, blown and just pickled, so the building is also easy.
The woody fiberboard is unrefined, so future development is expected.

This is a building picture to a wood.


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